عملاق هندسة الصوتيات MAGIX Audio, Music Lab 2014 Premium Multilanguage في اخر اصداراته

عملاق هندسة الصوتيات وتقنية الصوت وتصفيته - تحميل مباشر

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عملاق هندسة الصوتيات MAGIX Audio, Music Lab 2014 Premium Multilanguage في اخر اصداراته
 برنامج رائع فعلا ووظيفته تعديل وقص وقطع ودمج واستخراج الصوت والتسجيل والتحويل للجودة العالية والتحويل بين الصيغ الاخرى والحرق على الديفيدي او سي دي هذا البرنامج يجمع في حزمة تشغيلية مجموعة من الادوات المختلفة حيث تجد الادوات لتسجيل الاصوات واستيرادها من اي مصدر، يشتمل البرنامج على الاشرطة الممغنطة والكاسيت تقوم الادوات بفلترة وتنقية الصوت واخراجه بجودة عالية ثم يتم حفظه في برنامج من البرامج الشهيرة عالية الجودة وفي النهاية حرق الناتج على اقراص CD او DVD.

 Intelligent solutions for optimum sound

New presets - The new presets give you even more opportunities to find a simple solution for difficult passages sound - and thanks to the clear user interface, you do not even have to look far for it. And if you wish to delve deeper into the audio optimization: Thanks to the access to all effect parameters can be found in a very short time the right sound for your projects. The sound at the end not only everything better, but also just as you would imagine.

Auto Mastering: sound optimization made easy - Warm jazz arrangements, Funk & Soul music of the 70s or 80s pop music: select the right music genre for your song - the car Mastering function optimum sound setting.

Video Integration

Forward thinking - even in the audio dubbing - To create images that not only look impressive, but also excellent sound: Audio & Music Lab Premium 2014 contains specific settings for fast removal of various noises that may be incurred at Videoton. You then integrate the results of your work simply as audio track to a video editing software - as the popular audio and video formats are supported, is a project that appeals to all the senses, nothing in the way.

Big screen: the preview monitor - The preview monitor is the perfect tool to control, whether the picture and sound are synchronized to each other and the edited audio track continues to adapt to the appropriate places in the video.

Perfection in every scene: the preview monitor is arbitrarily scaled and even decoupled. So you can quite comfortably on two monitors work in parallel and check in at any level of detail, whether audio effects and subsequently added language comments complement your movie as desired.

essentialFX effect plug-ins

Always the desired effect - 5 professional effect plug-ins - compiled for all applications in the audio range. Remove noise, enhance voice and vocal recordings, add chorus / flanger effects or the entire recording gain more pressure - for which effect you choose, opt for amazing quality. Of course, all settings of essentialFX are individually monitored and controlled.

The effect plug-ins in detail
- eFX Gate: This "gate" opens only when you set the tone signals occur. Thus, for example, the noise between songs or the background noises in vocal recordings, simply suppress.
- eFX Vocal Strip: An effect plug-in that you speechless - after you've heard the quality of the so-optimized voice recordings for the first time.
- eFX Deesser: The eFX Deesser specifically reduces sibilants and Plop-lute with voice or vocal recordings and creates a warm and prominent vocal color.
- eFX Tube Stage: This effect plug-in simulates the sound of analog tube amplifier - ideal for creative distortion of speech recordings for audiobooks or video sound.
- eFX Chorus Flanger: A creative plug-in with various options for sonic gimmicks and experiments.

Evolutionary design

Striking colors - strong sound - The beauty of an evolution: Even as the owner of MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab you will be very easily find their way. Because the new design combined with long Established long Ersehntem. Thus, the new interface allows you both a fast and comfortable handling of all functions and effects, as well as the control reference to touching or wiping gestures on your touch screen monitor. And only in the Audio & Music Lab 2014 Premium gives you access to all effect parameters.

Beautiful. Faster - Working without speed limits: Many program optimizations speed up the work in MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2014 Premium significantly and ensure a noticeably more comfortable operation. So the mouse applications, the file manager, for example, much easier, now and at all times been the CD check indicator completely redesigned. However, other innovations, such as the car Mastering function can not only be seen, but can also be heard.

Recordings in stunning quality

Higher resolution audio - For excellent home - for your home: Audio & Music Lab 2014 Premium is based on the audio technology of professional audio programs Samplitude and Sequoia and allows you to project work in studio quality with a resolution of up to
96 kHz/24-bit. With a few clicks you take individual songs, entire albums or sampler on the highest quality and then restore with numerous professional tools effortlessly the music of old or new recordings.

Optimize smartphone audio tracks - The cameras in smartphones are getting better - the microphones not. With the new Audio & Music Lab 2014 Premium, you can optimize the audio from your smartphone playfully. Different preferences for current models provide after one click for outstanding sound quality. Anything but monotonous: Turn, for example, your mono recordings with a single click in stereo files. Thus, the sound of your recordings in the future keep up with the high quality of the video images.

Visual Listening

Optimized visualization - The different visualization options for your audio recordings show acoustic boundaries - this will give new. The optimized visualizations make it even easier to identify problem areas in the frequencies or the volume and to process them accordingly. To find in the Audio & Music Lab 2014 Premium in addition to the spectroscope, the peak meter and the spectrogram also a Bitmeter, a correlation meter and a diameter direction. The revised ads based on ProAudio technology used in professional recording studios used, among other things.

See what you hear - with the spectral - The eye for detail: let The spectral view function to visualize your audio files and identify individual noise such as coughs or Bludger on a graphical level and remove as accurate. The spectrum display shows the frequencies of the sound track clearly displayed separately. The possibility of stereo processing and detailed color palette for visualization work with the Direct Spectral Cleaning is not only time saving but also extremely comfortable.

Minimum System Requirements

- Supported Operating Systems : Microsoft Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8
- Processor: 1 GHz or higher
- Memory: 1 GB
- Graphics card: Onboard graphics card with a screen resolution of min. 1024 x 768
- Sound Card: 16-bit sound card
- Hard disk space: 1 GB free disk space for program installation
- Optical drive: DVD drive CD / (only for installation of the box version)
- Optional: CDs / DVDs with CD / DVD ± R (W) burner

Languages : German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch
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